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Case Examples


Case Conclusion Date:  January 6, 2015
Practice Area:  Criminal Defense
Outcome:  Dismissed
State alleges client stabbed the alleged victim numerous times.  Charges filed.  View alleged victim’s Facebook records and find that she said the knife was hers and she was being stabbed because she was pulling my client out of her car by her hair.    My client was able to get the knife and defend herself.  Case went all the way up to preliminary hearing when the State decided to drop it.


Case Conclusion Date:  December 12, 2014
Practice Area:  Criminal Defense
Outcome:  Misdemeanors and Probation
Last December 2013 my client and his friends were alleged to have rammed a guy off the highway in extremely bad weather.    State would not back off a felony conviction for this 19 year old kid.  Hired a private investigator and spoke with witnesses who called into question the State’s theory that client was going 75 mph and “rammed” my client off the road.   Two witnesses said 45 mph and only hit the alleged victim after he braked and started fishtailing.  Witnesses stuck to their stories despite police threats.   On the eve of trial, State backs down and agrees to misdemeanors with the possibility client will have no record if he completes probation.


Case Conclusion Date: November 14, 2014
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Total Acquittal by Jury
Client charged with repeat stalking and three disorderly conducts. Client looking at over 15 years prison exposure. Acquittals across the board at trial.  Big win.


Case Conclusion Date: March 18, 2014
Practice Area:  Divorce
Outcome: Big win in case where the main question was whether my wealthy client was going to pay a huge some of lifetime alimony to his ex-wife.   Ex-wife didn’t work and said she couldn’t work due to all her back problems.  I got her medical records that showed she had a minor aggravation that had healed and I was able to find on her Facebook all these pictures of her shooting guns while in a standing position.   She also said she had no income or way to make a living.  Found her photography studio on Facebook and presented that.  End result was a very reasonable maintenance amount for a very short term  Client was thrilled.

 Probation in Major Child Abuse Case

Case Conclusion Date: November 11, 2013
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome and Description: Probation was given in a case that was highly sensationalized by the media. Client was drug addicted and was guilty of some neglectful behavior but nothing close to what the State wanted, which was a hefty prison sentence. Very happy with outcome.  Client doing very well in rehab and has her kids.

Misdemeanors come out of major felony reckless endangerment case

Case Conclusion Date: June 4, 2013
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Misdemeanor Plea
Description: Client was downtown drinking to excess with a loaded firearm. Two witnesses allege they saw him stick this loaded pistol in the mouth of an individual. Client charged with first degree reckless endangerment and looking at 12 years prison. With some good pre-trial preparation and a client that would not quit, we were able to get amendments to misdemeanors for having the firearm downtown and for him being impaired while he possessed it.

Another Huge Jury Trial Win

Case Conclusion Date: May 7, 2013
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Dismissal.
Description: Client accused of felony strangling daughter and battering her. Research the case, start the classic defense and client walks away with nothing. Dismissed.

Serious ES Revocation dropped

Case Conclusion Date: December 21, 2012
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Revocation Dropped
Description: This was an ES/Parole revocation after client had served a lengthy prison term. The allegations were serious and he was looking at going back for 5 years due to an accusation that he brutally assaulted and false imprisoned a young woman. Through a tough cross examination at the preliminary hearing and the fact the alleged victim would not come forward at hearing, the case was dropped. A just result and now my client is getting out of jail and back into the community.

Juvenile waiver hearing won

Case Conclusion Date: December 7, 2012
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Judge dismisses waiver petition
Description: State petitioned to waive a 16 year old into adult court for a very serious string of home invasion robberies with guns and masks. This “gang” targeted drug dealers for rips with the thought they wouldn’t report. Well they did. The hearing was several hours long and I presented the latest in juvenile brain science to convince the judge the that client was best suited for the juvenile system and should be place in the serious juvenile offender program. Judge agreed and I save my client the adult system, a criminal conviction and likely a very hefty prison sentence.

Strangulation and Battery Acquittal by Jury

Case Conclusion Date: April 10, 2012
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Felony acquittal by jury
Description: Charged with Strangulation, Battery as Repeater and Disorderly Conduct. Alleged victim had significant injuries from the encounter. Took it to Jury Trial. Acquitted of Strangulation and Battery. Convicted only on Disorderly and probation.  Probation.  No prison.  A very good result.

State v. Greenwood Drunk Driving Jury Acquittal

Case Conclusion Date: January 26, 2012
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Complete Acquittal
Description: This was a case I tried in February of 2012. It was an OWI 1st Jury Trial in Sauk County, WI and I gained a complete acquittal from the jury.

Big Divorce Victory — Alimony for Male Spouse

Case Conclusion Date: January 26, 2011
Practice Area: Family
Outcome: Major victory on property division and maintenance
Description: In January 2011, I tried a divorce case with approximately $700,000.00 in marital assets. My client was an unemployed computer programmer in his late 50’s. Wife was a college chemistry professor in her 40’s working at the University. Issues were property valuation and maintenance. One of the big property issues was the house and we were able to win a valuation of $20,000.00 less than the other side. This was key because my client claimed the house. The big victory was in maintenance, however. My client was entitled to some maintenance for all he had done through the marriage contributing to the family’s wealth and overall economic well being. The other side was resistant– offering very little for a very limited term. We won a substantial sum that set my client up through retirement. We were both very happy.

Another Huge Drunk Driving Win

Case Conclusion Date:March 12, 2010
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Acquittal on Drunk Driving 5th
Description: Client charged with 5th OWI and facing almost certain prison. At preliminary hearing I am able to prove to judge that the State cannot properly prove his blood alcohol content at the time of driving. Based upon this, the judge dismisses charge. Client is freed.

Another big Drunk Driving Success

Case Conclusion Date: July 1, 2009
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Amendment from Drunk Driving 6th to 4th
Description: Through motion I was able to get client’s Drunk Driving 7th amended to 5th saving significant prison time.

Another Huge Jury Verdict Win– Acquittal on Sexual Assault of two Ten year old Girls

Case Conclusion Date: April 9, 2009
Practice Area: Criminal Defense
Outcome: Acquittal
Description: 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of two children.   Carried a mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison.   5 days of trial.  Total acquittal.  Client is freed.