A Highly Regarded Attorney Who Puts The Client First

Here at O'Neill Law Firm we approach every case with a client-focused mindset. We want the best for everyone who comes through our door and we’re going to do what we can to make that happen in the courtroom.

We Will Aggressively Fight For What You Need

Our clients come to us because they want an attorney that is going to make them the focal point of their argument. Whether we’re representing you in a contentious divorce, or we’re explaining why you deserve debt relief in the form of bankruptcy, you can be assured that our team will make you our priority in the courtroom.

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Wisconsin Area, One Client At A Time

We Will Fight For You During The Divorce Process

You know what you are seeking for in a divorce, and you should have an attorney who is going to represent you to get what you want. One of our leads, attorney O’Neill has 25 years of experience and is familiar with what goes on in a divorce courtroom. He brings a client-focused mindset with him when going to court and by proxy so do the rest of us.

When we represent you in the courtroom you know that you will have attorneys that will fight for you every step of the way to get what you want and need. Whether that’s support, custody or ensure your rights to visitation.

Bankruptcy Isn’t The End Of The World

For many people, bankruptcy is a bad word and considered the end of their financial future. In reality, it’s a second chance at getting your debts in order and pulling you out of the hole of financial burden. Bankruptcy isn’t the end, and that is something we try to help all of our clients understand.

If you are facing debts that you can’t pay, and you are worried that may never be able to pay them, then you might qualify for bankruptcy. Our office can provide you with advice on the steps needed to move forward and let you know if bankruptcy is the best option for you.

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What Our Clients Say

Timely and Honest

“Some time ago I ran into some legal issues. I was a little embarrassed, and didn’t look forward to having the conversation to an attorney. Sean was extremely professional and respectful, and I felt like I was talking to an ally vs. a paid representative. See his billing philosophy posted on his site, and he “walked the walk” on that too. My legal results were better than expected.”

– Client Review of Attorney Sean O’Neill

Expertise and Professionalism

“Upon the recommendation of a friend, I enlisted Sean O’Neill as my attorney to represent and guide me in a divorce action I was faced with. During our working relationship, I immediately discovered he possessed a full knowledge of the law and carried out his representation with authority, expertise and professionalism. He responded to my questions via e-mail, telephone calls and written communication promptly and with clear instruction. He, without fail, kept me updated with accurate, thorough and timely billing invoices. I truly admire, trust and believe in Sean O’Neill and would recommend him, without hesitation, to anyone desiring a positive and successful outcome regarding any legal issue they may encounter.”

– Jean, Divorce Client

Helped me when I needed it most!

“He had cleared up the confusion of my case and pointed me in the right direction with confidence. Responded to a message I left with his assistant promptly and an over-all straight forward advisor. He never left me in the dark and got to the case to a fair conclusion. Thanks Sean!”

– Steven Haas, a Criminal Defense client

Excellent Attorney–Highly Recommended

“A very complicated homicide case that could of went either way. On the eve of trial, Attorney ONeill worked a plea deal with the district attorneys office that resulted in less than a fourth of the time if there had been a jury conviction. This was not an easy case and involved issues of toxicology and cause of death. His knowledge and expertise of the case, along with his long hard work brought about many defense issues that softened the DA led to this positive result that was very much appreciated. I highly recommend Sean ONeill. Simply put. He gets results!”

– Daniel, a Criminal Defense client

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