The ONeill Law Firm has 20 years experience representing  individuals from all walks of life, in cases ranging from uncontested divorces with few assets to cases involving complex business, and financial issues valued in the millions.   And we offer an array of billing options to fit your budget and goals.     Divorce is an emotional time, and an experienced attorney can help alleviate the unnecessary stress resulting from the legal process.  At the ONeill Law Firm we are dedicated to client service and efficiency.

Throughout the process we ensure that all assets are uncovered and properly valued, and that the best interests of the children are considered.  We become intimately familiar with all the issues in your case.   So when settlement is discussed we can properly advise you on what is in your best interest and what is not.   When the other side is being unreasonable and insists on an unfair settlement, be assured that we will strenuously defend your position through trial if that is necessary.  We are not a firm that looks for a unnecessary trial or court hearings.   We know that can be expensive and stressful.  We do not “stir the pot” with the other side or engage in other fee churning tactics which have become all too common in this area of practice.    But we are not afraid to draw a line in the sand and defend your position.    Below are some sub-areas in our family law practice :

Child Support and Spousal Maintenance

At first blush, child support might appear to be a clear cut issue.  That is hardly ever the case.   A skilled attorney knows how to evaluate what income or assets are countable in order to gain a complete financial picture.  We understand tax returns.  We know how to read them.    For example, the difference between a W-2 wage earner and a business owner is important.  We know how to unlock hidden income.  If you are a pay child support, we can determine whether you qualify for a reduction based on “shared time” or “serial payer” considerations.   If your income decreases through no fault of your own, we can help get you an adjustment.   Whatever action you are involved in, child support can be a central issue.  Our team has the experience and knowledge to assist you in getting a fair resolution.

As to maintenance (alimony) we approach the case in a similar fashion but with some important differences.   In addition to uncovering the correct “disposable income” of the parties, we apply the principles of “fairness” and “support” as interpreted by Wisconsin case law to get you the most favorable result.    We consider all statutory factors to help you get the best result, including the length of the marriage and the contribution of one spouse to the other’s education or career success.   In some cases maintenance is completely improper.  In other cases it is a necessity.  In either case, we will fight to get you what you deserve.   Whether you are the potential recipient or payer, rely on our experience in assessing your individual situation.  Call for a free consult on your situation.


We know that protecting the right to have meaningful custody and placement of your child is of great importance to each client.   We have not only represented clients in custody and placement matters, but have served as Guardians ad Litem, an attorney appointed to represent the minor children’s best interest.  Our experience in viewing these cases from both sides makes us better advocates for our clients dealing with these difficult situations.  Call for a free consult on your matter.


It is imperative that parties understand how paternity works, how parents are  adjudicated, as well as post-adjudication custody/placement and child support issues that will arise.  As in other aspects of family law, the best interests of the child is considered paramount.   Our skilled legal team can put you in the best position to argue your value to the child in court.  We can draw on a variety of specialists to show you are in the best position to meet your children’s needs.   Call for a free consult on your situation.

Adoption and Termination of Parental Rights

One of the most satisfying things we do in our family law practice is adoption.  It is a joyous time for all involved and we love being part of bringing a family together.   At the ONeill Law Firm we handle all adoptions whether it be step-parent adoptions or adoptions for same sex families.    Please call and see what we can do in your situation.

Many times, as part of the adoption process, a termination of parental rights must be accomplished.  This is an emotional step and can be difficult for all involved, especially the minor child. We are here to help alleviate that pain and stress .   We will make a voluntary termination of parental rights as painless as possible for the parent making that decision.    However, if a parent has not formed a substantial parental bond with a child and not willing to relinquish rights, we can file the proper documents and get the proper evaluations to have parental rights terminated involuntarily.   Call and speak to us for free to find out your options.

Contempt Matters

Unfortunately, not all persons think court orders are meant to be followed.  They want to play games and thumb their noses at the courts and at you.   We are there to disavow those who don’t want to play fair of that thought process.   We will file a motion with the court to get that person to follow the order and also ask for fees and costs for the trouble.   We will protect your rights and we are just a phone call away.

 Grandparent Rights

Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing loving and connected grandparents separated from a grandchild over petty disagreements with a parent.   We are familiar with grand parent rights and how to enforce them in court if necessary.  Just call and we can tell you what your rights are.  Its free.