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Drowning in debts ? Creditors calling constantly? Being foreclosed upon?  Even though the economy has recovered you may have been left behind.   Piling debt due to unexpected life changes  is something normal hard working Americans have had to deal with on their own.   But its okay to ask for help and THERE IS help.  Before calling any of these shady debt consolidators, or any other firm, call us.   Our dedicated team of experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys are available now to give you options and remove the burden.   We can get you to that fresh start.  

We offer a wide variety of services from debt elimination to affordable debt repayment plans tailored to fit your budge.   Unlike most firms, we are experienced Chapter 7 (debt liquidation) AND Chapter 13 (debt amortization and repayment);  and other strategies tailored to you.  

Call the O’Neill Law Firm for a free  consultation.     Its 100% confidential.   You can trust us to be responsive and prompt.   We will go over your options and figure out what is the best for you.   Affordable flat fees and payment plans to fit your budget are available.   Call or e-mail the O’Neill Law Office today and start on the road to peace of mind.