“We all make mistakes, the biggest may be not getting an aggressive, experienced, competent  Lawyer to handle your case.”  

We answer ALL the major questions.

Why do I need a Lawyer?

Some mistakes can have major consequences.  If you are charged with a crime or drunk driving the biggest mistake you could make is thinking you can handle it alone.  Did you know that  anyone with a computer can instantly find out if you have any crimes, traffic violations or drunk driving offenses on your record?   With this type of access any conviction will permanently affect your ability to get a job, get into school, rent or purchase a home, join certain organizations and even qualify for student loans.   Not to mention the embarrassment you will feel around your friends and family and the community at large.   A conviction could haunt you the rest of your life.   Many of my clients would not be in the position they find themselves in if they had just requested a lawyer earlier in the processThe bottom line? You need your rights protected by a competent, aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney.  That is exactly what you get with ONeill Law Firm, LLC. 

Attorney Sean W.  O’Neill has 18 years experience working for people just like you. He understands that you expect aggressive and competent representation.   That you need someone who will stand up to the police and District Attorney.  Who is not afraid or intimidated or cowed by Cops and DAs, and their threats.   Who knows the law and can use that knowledge to your advantage.  

What will it Cost?

Lets be honest, the biggest issue in deciding to whether to hire a lawyer  is usually cost.   “How much will this cost me”  is a frequent question only second to “what will happen to me”.   Its  not lost on Attorney O’Neill that you work hard to earn  money for yourself and your family and the last thing you want to be doing  is paying a lawyer who will constantly have his hand out for more money.  The spigot keeps running.  The attorney gets paid, but your case is no closer to conclusion.   The ONeill Law Firm is different.   We don’t bill  or collect fees like the traditional law firm.   We embraces an alternative billing model that consists of many options to fit your budget.  Please review my page “Billing why were are different” and you will see the difference.   Its results driven.  Its client satisfaction driven.  Its open communication driven.  If there is at anytime a complaint about the billing process, clients are encouraged at the beginning of the engagement to come personally to Attorney ONeill with any questions or concerns about the bill.   Its an open door policy and its  that simple.   Open communication is key to a successful Lawyer/Client relationship.  

What Level of Service can I Expect?

The ONeill Law Firm motto is “Experienced, Personal, Service”.  It is on all of our advertising and business cards for a reason.   You have a right to expect a high level of service and we strive everyday to  give you just that   We know you want professional service and results, not excuses.   You want someone available to answer your questions in a professional and competent manner.   The ONeill Law Firm prides itself on keeping you informed about your case every step of the way.  We are responsive to our clients and we are there when you need us.   The ONeill Law Firm pledges to keep you fully informed of what is happening in the case as it progressed.   Its a level of service unsurpassed.  

Is O’Neill Law Firm  Different?

The ONeill Law Firm is different from the conventional law firm in a variety of ways.    Why do we offer these options?   Why do we encourage client communication?  Very Simple.    Because ONeill Law Firm wants one thing out of our relationship–your satisfaction and endorsement.   Every time a client tells a friend or family member or posts an endorsement or testimonial you are reaffirming our services through the best advertising money CAN’T buy– word of mouth.      Its the simply the reason the ONeill Law Firm has been around  18 years.   Its the reason the ONeill Law Firm will be around for many years to come.      We openly acknowledge to you the obvious— that you could have chosen any one of a hundreds of lawyers in the area.  But you chose us.    Once represenation and our relationship is complete, we want you to feel that you made the 100% right choice.   Your satisfaction is extremely important to us.

Can the O’Neill Law Firm Help Me?

First, take your time.  This is an important decision.  View all my testimonials, whether it be from this page, my Facebook page or any other rating site.   Then please review all the real case examples from actual cases that I have defended.    Cases from minor misdemeanors, to drunk driving, to sexual assault, to homicide, to fraud and white collar crimes.   Over my 18 years I have built a track record of success that I will put up against any lawyer in this area.       We have handled them all.  Nothing is too big a challenge.      It is this proven track record and vast experience you are getting when you go with the ONeill Law Firm.  Once you have reviewed all this, make that free phone call and speak with Attorney ONeill personally.  

Don’t make a mistake you will regret the rest of your life.   Make the right decision with a firm that has a proven documented track record.  

Call Attorney Sean O’Neill at the O’Neill Law Firm right away at 608-519-3551 for a free consult or click Contact to send a message right now.