Lawyers have gained much of their negative reputation based on the way they bill. The most used and yet most suspect mode of billing is “the billable hour”. This is the way most all attorneys bill. A large sum of money is paid up front and the attorney  bills against that large sum with an inflated  hourly rate.  Before you know it, your money is gone and the attorney is asking for more.  And you are asking to yourself “what was accomplished to earn that money??”.     An extremely legitimate question.   How do you know if that attorney is honest?  How do you know you are getting value for that work?  Is the lawyer billing you to educate him or herself on the law he or she should already know?  Is the lawyer “nickel and diming” and billing for every small thing like his postage and in house copies? Is he or she billing you for office overhead or time taken to prepare your bill?

The O’Neill Law Firm was formed to question this “conventional wisdom” and offer a new way.  We tailor our representation to you, not us.   Our firm offers affordable flat fees for many situations, many  on a written fee schedule.    We offer flat fees for drafting only the documents you want.  we  also offer limited fee agreements or A’ la Carte services to perform only the specific work and level of service you want.    I strive to be extremely flexible and tailor my representation to your specific needs.

In some  cases  the billable hour is required for your unique situation.  In those cases, we give you an accurate estimate on fees and costs as the case progresses. We never leave a client in the dark.   In addition, our bills are extremely detailed showing the specific work performed and the time it took to perform it.  Unlike some firms, our clients are encouraged to thoroughly review their bills and bring issues to us immediately so we can make it right.  My firm believes that communication is the key to a successful attorney-client relationship.

Once the fee is agreed on, we make it easy to pay your bill anywhere anytime using our online payments portal.    Avoid the hassle of licking a stamp, writing a check or coming to the office.  We make it simple.

It is not lost on me that you can choose one of a hundred different lawyers to represent you in your matter. I am honored if you choose me and I will do everything in my power to stand up for your rights and represent you competently and aggressively. I realize that the best advertising is the kind I can’t buy—“word of mouth”. I know that if you feel you were treated fairly by my firm, you will tell others about your experience and that will expand my business. Therefore, my goal is 100% client satisfaction.

Thank you.